How to host a podcast on your own website so it’s simple and easy to manage


You’re a podcaster, not a web developer. You want to spend your time producing entertaining shows and recording inspiring interviews. The last thing you want is a complicated podcast website that takes you hours to manage each month.

The thought of developing and managing a podcast website unfortunately scares a number of podcasters away, costing their business game-changing advantages.

But when it comes to making your podcast website simple and easy to manage, there are just 2 questions to ask:

  1. How do I post my podcast on my website?
  2. How do I host and play my podcast on my website?

Why? Because once the site is built, your primary concern is that your podcasts are loaded properly and can be listened to by your audience seamlessly, not constantly wondering how to get your podcast to your website.  

Plus, you want to focus all of your time producing more great shows without any interruptions.

So you want 100% Post AUTOMATION!

“That sounds cool…what is it?” 

Post Automation means as soon as you publish your episode, it will automatically post to your website, complete with thumbnail image, episode name, description, and audio file.


“So what do I have to do?”

Nothing that you are not already doing. Produce and publish your podcast exactly how you’ve been doing it. You want your podcast website to support dozens of podcast hosting platforms so the minute you publish your episode it will appear on your website.

“But can my audience listen to it right on my podcast website?”

Absolutely. No reason for your listeners to jump to a subscriber platform like Spotify or Apple and be distracted by the thousands of other podcasters.

Your listeners can stay right on our podcast site binge listening to all of your episodes.

“How does that happen?”

Your podcast website should support all the major audio players.

Just imagine having your own podcast website where your audience can find all of your episodes, free from the distractions of other podcasters or subscriber platform branding. Where your listeners can enjoy your content, subscribe, and share directly with everyone they know.

And it costs you zero effort every week!

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